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    • 120,00 € Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
      This gorgeous faux leather shirt is water resistant, light weight and flexible, with a tailored design. It The sleeves have a stylish seam across the middle and the buttons hide behind a clever outer placket. One size looks great on all body types.
    • 144,00 € 4In Stock
      Stylish and bold, this maxi faux leather shirt with long sleeved has a minimal mao collar for added sophistication. Its buttons hide behind a smart outer placket, and its sleek, one-size design upgrades any outfit to a dynamic statement look.
    • 99,00 € 2In Stock
      Faux leather pants are all you need for a power look. Cut at a 3/4 length, with chino pockets, they're flexible and light weight. Their tailored, one-sze design looks great on all body types and pair excellently with ankle boots or dress shirt.
    • 129,00 € 3In Stock
      This maxi button-up skirt may have a feminine design but its faux leather fabric will bring out your daring side. With two pleates on either side, highlight its tailored cut. Flexible and light weight, one size looks excusite on all body types.
    • 150,00 € 15In Stock
      Minimal and austere, this long, sleeveless faux leather coat will elevate any look. Buttonless, with a short collar, it's flexible, light weight and water resistant. The slits up the sides and one-size cut means it looks great on all body types.
    • 117,00 € 234,00 € 8In Stock
      Reduced price!
      Classic chic, with an austere and contemporary look. Its tailored midi cut makes it ideal for both minimalist looks and maximalist ensembles. Versatility thanks to its oversized design with sublte pockets. Made of a wool blend, one size fits all. 
    • 297,00 € Out of stock
      This oversized midi sherlock coat with a large neck adds volume to any outfit. Made of a virgin wool and acrylic blend, it zips up the front, with slitted pockets and has a poncho-like design. One size fits all gracefully.
    • 285,00 € 4In Stock
      A long coat with marble-like patterns adds a retro look to your wardrobe. With large cuffs and slitted pockets, it buttons up the front. Made of a virgin wool and cotton blend, it's warm and stylish. One size fits all snuggly.
    • 96,00 € Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
      A long-sleeved jersey knit blouse with viscose fibres make for a supremely soft top. With a large neckline and assymetrical bottom cut, its tight cuffs highlight its draped design. One size hangs well on all body types.
    • 78,00 € 5In Stock
      A turtleneck is a winter wardrobe must. Classy and sophisticated, this long-sleeved, one-size turtleneck fits all wonderfully, while its longer design on the sides makes it stand out. Made of soft viscose fabric with elastane for added flexibility.
    • 48,00 € Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
      A skinny turtleneck is casual in the day and sexy at night. This one hugs the body, making it a good match under shirts or dresses, or paired with skirts or jeans. A light knit jersey, with soft viscose and flexible elastane, one size fits all.
    • 63,00 € 28In Stock
      Loose-fitting blouses pair well with leggings or skinny jeans. This one has a scoop neckline and 3/4 length sleeves, making it comfy and casual. A soft, light knit jersey made from a viscose-elastane mix, one size looks great on all body types.
    • 99,00 € 2In Stock
      A long-sleeved cardigan jacket is always in style. With an asymmetrical hem, it hangs loosely and is extra soft to the touch. Made from light knitted jersey material with viscose fibres and elastane, one size fits all for cozy comfort.
    • 108,00 € Product available with different options
      Product available with different options
      A draped collar makes this blouse feel casual and cozy. With wide 3/4 length sleeves and batwing effect, longer sides and one-size design, it hangs beautifully on all body types. It's extra soft, made from a light knitted viscose fabric.
    • 126,00 € 7In Stock
      A loose-hanging cardigan is an everyday favourite. Made from soft and light knitted viscose fabric, it features loose pockets that are handy and a shark-bite hemline in the front for added movement. Comes in one size for all for an accessible fit.
    • 48,00 € 3In Stock
      Practical, with a tight fit, this thin long-sleeved blouse is perfect under shirts or jackets. A staple for any wardrobe, with a round neckline, it's made from soft viscose fabric. Comes in one size that's lightly elastic for a snug fit.
    • 110,00 € 3In Stock
      A sleek, light knitted viscose poncho blouse adds movement to your looks. Comfy in the day and casual at night, it pairs well with skinny jeans and hangs beautifully on all body types thanks to its one-size design.
    • 144,00 € 1In Stock
      Super classy, this poncho style blouse has contrasting trims and a light knitted feel. Long and flowy, it's made from soft viscose fabric and pairs well over skinny jeans or tight dresses. One size fits excellently on all.
    • 120,00 € 9In Stock
      Elegance meets movement with this poncho style light knitted blouse. The contrasting trims make it stand out and the soft viscose fabric makes it soft and comfortable. All body types can feel warm in this, thanks to its one-size design.
    • 120,00 € 1In Stock
      What cozier than a turtleneck poncho blouse? Made from a light knitted viscose fabric, it's perfect for all body types and feels soft to the touch. Accentuates beautifully when worn with skinny jeans or pencil skirts.
    • 165,00 € 8In Stock
      A cardigan feels great in winter. This light knitted viscose jacket has slits up the sides and a ribbed knit design along the front trims and around the sleeve cuffs for that detail that makes a difference. Comes in one handy size for all to enjoy.

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